The Fabulous Woman Project was created by Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Sam Cannell in early 2014 and it has become one of the most respected online programs for women.



"The Fabulous Woman Project was one of the best things I have done all year!

If you're sitting on the fence, please don't - it's life changing!" Samantha H


"The Fabulous Woman Project is one of the most comprehensive health and lifestyle e-Courses on the web today. If you are looking to make major changes in your life by making small shifts each week with the support of a qualified health coach then this is the program for you. Sam is an example of someone who has changed her health and lifestyle and there is so much to learn from her in this program.

Isn't it time you felt fabulous?"


"With the help of The Fabulous Woman Project, I have started inroads into being the only driver of my bus and putting the care of myself as a priority. This includes taking the time to be organised so that as a family, we can eat a healthy, clean whole food diet.

I know there will be days that aren't perfect, but I will no longer beat myself up about it. I will just move on and continue to become the best, fabulous version of myself."


"I am absolutely loving this program SO MUCH! Cannot rave about it enough - thank you!" Naomi R


"I would recommend The Fabulous Woman Project to every woman who is struggling to look after her own health.

After the first session with Sam, I felt completely motivated and ready to tackle the world!"



"Sam's approach to health and wellness is based on a real life approach that takes all aspects of the individual's life into account. This approach consists of small practical steps that achieves long-lasting results for your health and wellbeing."


"You are amazing and have set me up for a wonderful year... dare I say, life." - Leesa D

"Since starting the program I have changed my eating and exercise habits, and learned how to be more positive day to day. It's fantastic being able to download and keep a lot of the program for future reference.

I would definitely recommend The Fabulous Woman Project to others who are struggling to make changes in their lives."


"Wow Sam, it's only day one and I'm feeling empowered.

I haven't had a chance to get right through it all today but I can already see that this is the right program for me.

I love that we aren't being told to change overnight but gradually implement small changes to improve our lives."


"I'm now trying to organise my everyday whole life better, ensuring I take me time and schedule in daily exercise, even if this is for only 10 minutes on extremely busy days! My eating choices have improved, which is vital for my mental and physical health, and I don't feel as tired or sluggish.

Taking time out to exercise or read a book is total refreshment and clears my head of intensities resulting from life and the extra challenge of care for a special needs child too." - Janelle

"Having lived a life giving myself to my work and family I got to the point of exhaustion... I have finally started to take time for myself!

By being kind to myself, taking small steps towards feeling stronger, healthier and calmer. I feel like it's just a beginning to a new lifestyle. I now feel joy and gratitude to a level I never have before."


I love the commitment and passion Sam Cannell shares with women who all have the desire to feel fabulous again. Sam is a Health Coach who walks her talk and shares her knowledge in abundance.

I have been a Life Coach for over 10 years and I am also Mum to three young children. I know the secrets to feeling fabulous again don’t come from a bottle of tablets, or just focusing what you eat.

 The Fabulous Women Project taps into all the elements of life that need love and attention to help women sparkle again.