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Week 2: Food

Welcome to Module 2!

Food is your fuel... it should nourish and support you - not leave you feeling bloated, tired and emotional! This week you're going to:

  • Find out how to succeed with meal planning, shopping and organisation so that you never feel tempted to call for takeout.
  • Learn how to stock a healthy pantry and always have good choices available.
  • Discover more about healthy eating that suits your unique body composition.
  • Get to know those quick, simple changes you can make now for maximum impact.
  • Find out how to nourish your body for long-term health and without guilt.

Your Action Items for This Week:

  • Start to record your food intake using the Food Journal
  • Focus on changing one thing this week around food that will make you feel GOOD! (bonus points for sharing it in the Facebook Group!)
  • Look at the quick wins you can implement straight away, cleaning out your pantry is the best place to start.

Preparation & Organisation

This week we are going to learn all about one of the key areas you need to address in order to live a healthier life… your pantry! Tips and information about products to look for and the tools to more organised with your meal planning and shopping.

Eating Out & Travelling

Clean Eating

Going Gluten Free

The 80:20 Rule



Popular Diet Types

Useful links/resources:

Introduction to Detoxing