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Week 3: Body

Welcome to Module 3 of The Fabulous Woman Project!

This week is all about our body and it's fair to say that we need to treat our bodies well for fabulous health!

You will find this module includes exercise videos including 2 minute workouts and a yoga session.

You will also find tips about natural skin care and further resources to research your own product choices.

You will also find an essential oils class with some resources to help you learn more about these incredible natural solutions.

Actions this week:

  • It's time to take action on your own personal exercise routine... how often are you currently exercising? If it's a lot and you are not getting the results you want it may be possible that your routine is too focused on cardio or is too weights intense and may need modifying to include more variety. Remember that stretching and breathing is extremely important for your overall wellbeing. Download the Activity Journal below to plan your exercise for the week.
  • Are you using time as your excuse for not exercising? Now you know it doesn't take much time to achieve results... it's time to schedule in your sessions - here is a sample plan: Monday: 30 minutes fat burning cardio Tuesday: 10 minute workout Wednesday: 30 minute fat burning cardio Thursday: 10 minute workout Friday: 30 minute fat burning cardio Saturday 10 minute workout Sunday: yoga or pilates session.
  • Watch the Hormonal Health video.
  • Skincare products: clear out the cupboards of any chemical laden products.


Does the thought of exercise make you cringe? Are you worried that you're going to be told you need to run on the treadmill every day? As women we need to respect our bodies, doing intensive cardio and nothing else actually isn't good for us and can make us gain weight (yes really!). This week you'll learn how to get more results by doing less!

In this video Sam discusses the benefits of exercise, the key elements of a balanced exercise routine and why stretching is so important.

2 Minute Workouts


Lizzy Williamson is a Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of The Two Minute Workout. Her programs and workouts have inspired thousands of people to transform their lives by discovering how to be active, eat well and feel good. Get your free 2 Minute Workout videos delivered to your inbox at to breakthrough your excuses and get the body and life you want.

Yoga at Home

Introduction to Essential Oils


To access wholesale prices (the best way to purchase doTERRA essential oils and save 25%!) Visit: or click the link at the end of the video.

Step 1: Select 'Join and Save' from the top menu.

Step 2: Select 'Wholesale Account' (do not choose 'Preferred Member')

Step 3: Select 'Local OTG order' unless you specifically know that you want to place an international order to ship from the USA

Step 4: Enter your personal information, including your ABN (if you have one)

Step 5: At *enroller ID* and *sponsor ID*, enter my number: 1589318 then click 'verify' (it should then show the name 'Essential Collective Co')

Step 6: Choose an easy-to-remember password and then you're ready to click on over to the next page.

Step 7: Here, you'll choose what you'd like to order. You'll see all of the enrolment kits at the top, but if you just want to order a couple of oils instead, start typing the name of the oil in the box and it will show you. Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet if you're not enrolling with a kit. Joining with a kit waives the enrolment fee. I suggest adding Fractionated Coconut Oil ($16.50 wholesale) so that you are able to use the oils topically once they arrive. Enter your payment details and process your order.

Last step: When everything goes through, it'll ask you whether you want to set up your Loyal Rewards Program. Click YES. Select a date preferably within the first half of the next month, then go ahead and add a few things to the cart that you think you might need or want. Please note: your credit card will NOT be processed until the date that you decide to ship and you can update your next month's order before it processes.

That's it! Within 24 hours I'll be in touch to welcome you into our beautiful essential oils community, I can't wait to see you on the other side! x

Natural Skincare

Natural Skin Care with Adele McConnell

In this video guest contributor Adele McConnell shares her own natural skin care routine.

{Make It} Coffee and Coconut Scrub - Cellulite Buster


1/2 cup ground coffee
1/2 cup coconut palm sugar
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon


To make the scrub, mix all of the ingredients together until well-combined. If your coconut oil is solid, gently heat it until it melts, but wait for it to go back to room temperature before adding the other ingredients. This is to ensure that your exfoliants don’t dissolve in the oil! Once mixed, store your scrub in an air-tight container.

Toxic products to switch:

  • Deodorant
  • Perfumes
  • Skin & body care
  • Make-up
  • Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Cleaning Products (including washing detergents)
  • Synthetic fragrances in the home like air fresheners

Recommended Resources:

Home Detox Bootcamp with Laura Trotta.

Resparkle - Natural Cleaning Products (Australia)

Nourished Life - skincare and makeup (Australia)

Adorn Cosmetics - vegan makeup (Australia)

iHerb - *ENTER THE CODE SWT151 TO SAVE $5 on YOUR FIRST ORDER * - supplements, skincare and other health products (International with fast, cheap delivery!