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Week 5: Career

Welcome to Module 5 of The Fabulous Woman Project!

This week is all about career and finances - two areas that can greatly impact our health!

You will find this module has less video content than previous modules - there is a beautiful practical activity for you to take your time with.

Are you happy with your current career? So many women find themselves in a space where they are miserable at work and it can definitely impact other areas of your life, including your health.

You will find this week a lot shorter in video content (there’s just one!) because we have a beautiful practical activity where you will create your own passion board. Please take your time with this activity – give yourself 1-2 hours to really connect with your inner desires.

I have also provided a list of money resources in the next section because financial stress is one of the greatest stressors on the modern woman and if this is your situation I’d love for you to empower yourself to break free of the financial stress that you are currently facing. It really can be done but the first step is acknowledging where you are at right now and making steps to move in the right direction.

Now if you’re feeling dissatisfied in your career I want you to order the book below by Megan Dalla-Camina, I read this when I was at a crossroads with my own professional life and it is a brilliant book for women in this situation. You can also check out Megan’s websitewhere she offers a free Career Planning Pack.

Recommended Reading:

Megan Dalla-Camina – Getting Real About Having It All: Be Your Best, Love Your Career and Bring Back Your Sparkle

Marcus Buckingham – Now, Discover Your Strengths



Financial stress can be one of the main contributors to poor health.

Money issues can often linger for many years (or even a whole lifetime) and are often ignored rather than dealt with. When we ignore financial stress it can impact our entire body and cause illness.

Think about your own relationship with money… can you honestly say that you love money? (Hint, you need to love money in order for it to love you back!)

Do you have any limiting beliefs around money that are impacting your health and life generally? For example – there will never be enough money or you fear that you’ll lose what you already have.

Are you concerned that you spend too much? Or save too little? Or both?

Is your relationship with money impacting your relationship with others?

There are so many amazing resources in this area so I have put together a collection of my favourites to help you dive deeper in this area if you need to.

Getting out of debt & budgeting:

Money Mindset:

Investment & Building Wealth:

Resources for Business Owners:

Debt Counselling:

Passion & Purpose

In this video guest contributor Nicola Cheesman introduces the key concepts of Passion and Purpose.

Your Action Items for This Week:

  • Create your Passion Board and get ready to start your vision board next week.

Your Passion Board

This week’s practical activity is to create your own Passion Board and getting organised to complete the Vision Board activity next week. (You can also start your Vision Board this week if you’re keen!)

For your Passion Board you’ll need:

  • to create a quiet time with no distractions
  • large A3 sheet of white paper
  • to put on some music
  • burn a white candle or diffuse relaxing essential oils
  • a glass of wine (or green smoothie!)
  • to take three deep breathes

Simply write down what makes you feel good, what you love, what you are passionate about, when you are at your happiest. No censorship, write everything down, one thing will flow to the next, let your unconscious mind take over and just keep writing until the page is full.

Vision Board Preparation for next week:

  • you’ll need a pin board/cardboard/whiteboard or decide on an electronic format like a secret Pinterest board or an online graphics tool to create a collage.
  • collect images of your passions, your goals and what you want to do more of
  • cut out pictures and quotes from magazines or print photos from the internet

If you are also ready to start your Vision Board this week then go ahead while the momentum is flowing!